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—— your one-stop packaging solution online

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Packingidea.com is a specialized supplier of packaging related products. We are committed to providing you with a complete, convenient online purchasing experience and excellent packaging to demonstrate the value of your product.

From design, customizing, sampling, production to shipping and dispatching the cargoes to your doorstep.

We are an exporting specialized company founded in 2009, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province of China. Since its inception, we engaged in exporting of tea, tea wares, handicrafts and artworks. We also took part in design and production of product packaging since we established.

With our years of experience in the design, production and export of packaging products, we have created packingidea.com. We are committed to build it into a specialized, one-stop online packaging solution that covers online wholesale, packaging customization, warehousing and logistics.

At present, we have a variety of packaging products available in stock that you could directly order from our website. Our packaging products include bags, boxes, cans and various packaging accessories. Our product line is constantly enriched and improved to meet the needs of different industries.

Checkout the following list of the industries that we currently support:

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We can also offer you specialized customizing services to suit
your brand needs .

Packaging for Grocery

Honey, Jam and Sauce
Grains, Nuts and Snacks
Dessert, Fast-food and Take-away

Packaging for Apparel, Jewelery and Accessories


Packaging for Health and Beauty


Packaging for Electronics and Components
Packaging for Hardware and tools
Packaging for Arts and Crafts


At the same time, our company location-Shenzhen City is a modern port city that close to Hong Kong. This geographical advantage powered us with a complete product supply chain system, the best manufacturing enterprises in China, and convenient international air and maritime logistics conditions.

All the advantages of these resources enabled packingidea.com to offer comprehensive services, high quality and cost effective products, flexible and efficient transportation.

More than that, as a new generation IT-driven enterprise, packingidea.com offers you a unique, efficient online order processing system.

You can easily live chat with us, send an inquiry, sign a purchase contract, view invoices, make a payment , track shipping status online, at any time, by using your PC, tablet, mobile phone or any other devices that can access the internet.

We can also send you real-time photos and videos to show you the order processing status through email or SMS.

From now on, you will no longer need to worry about the expensive packaging costs, complex customization process, unreasonable minimum order quantity, uncertain production cycle and longtime transportation.

Our goal is to solve all your headaches on product packaging.

You will find how easy it is to work with us.

Contact us with your packing idea, we will make it come true!