Hexagonal Glass Canning Jar with Black Crown Cap

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Minimum Order Quantity Request: 5PCS

Material #1: Glass
Sealing Type: Screw Cap

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Hexagonal Glass Canning Mason Jar with Black Crown Cap

These glass jars are perfect for housing honey, jellies, jams, candies, mustards and more! 


Thick lead free glass.

Black glaze coated crown lid with plastisol seal inside.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive gasket.(optional)

Custom label stickers, various matching gift packing boxes, bags available.

Customzing Methord:

Screen Printing.

Laser engraving.

Custom made label sticker.

Custom sealing sticker.


Pressure-sensitive adhesive gasket.(optional)

Shrink Film.(optional)

Suited handbags.

Matching gift boxes.

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180ML: Dia Opening-5.2CM; Height-8.6CM; Dia-6.2CM; Diagonal-6.8CM        (Hold about 250g/0.55lb honey)

280ML: Dia Opening-5.8CM; Height-10CM; Dia-7CM; Diagonal-7.8CM            (Hold about 350g/0.77lb honey)

380ML: Dia Opening-6.3CM; Height-10CM; Dia-8.2CM; Diagonal-9CM            (Hold about 500g/1.1lb honey)

730ML: Dia Opening-7.5CM; Height-12.2CM; Dia-10CM; Diagonal-13.2CM     (Hold about 1000g/2.2lb honey)