Kraft Paper Tin Tie Bag

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Minimum Order Quantity Request: 30PCS

Material #1: Laminated Material
Sealing Type: Tin Tie

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Foldable Kraft card paper, eco-friendly.

Shipped in flat form to save space and shipping cost.

Easy assembly.


Mini(10g/pc): 8x5x13.5(Height)cm;  Hold about 30g loose leaf tea.

Small(15g/pc): 8x8x17 (Height)cm; Hold about 50g loose leaf tea.

Medium(20g/pc): 10.5x8x20(Height)cm; Hold about 100g loose leaf tea.

Large(32g/pc): 18xl0x24(Height)cm; Hold about 200g loose leaf tea.

Customzing Methord:


Custom made label sticker, sealing sticker.


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