Paper Shopping Tote Carrier Bag

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Minimum Order Quantity Request: 30PCS

Material #1: Paper
Material: Card Paper
Sealing Type: Soft Loop Handle

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Paper Shopping Tote Carrier Bag


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Top Features

250g thick card paper material.

Soft loop paper handle.

Laminating coated.

Smooth and glossy surface. 

Various sizes available.

Sturdy and durable.


W-33cm * H-28cm * T-8cm; 77g/pc (rope handle) 

W-35cm * H-30cm * T-10cm; 100g/pc (paper handle fastened with rivets)

W-38cm * H-37cm * T-10cm; 125g/pc (paper handle fastened with rivets)

W-46cm * H-38cm * T-10cm; 143g/pc (paper handle fastened with rivets)

W-54cm * H-46cm * T-12cm; 200g/pc (paper handle fastened with rivets)

Customizied logo printing or (silver/gold) hot stamping starts from 1000pcs.

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