Square Glass Canning Jar with Black Crown Cap

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Minimum Order Quantity Request: 5PCS

Material #1: Glass
Sealing Type: Crown Cap

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Square Glass Canning Jar with Black Crown Cap CNJR-09

These glass jars are perfect for housing honey, jellies, jams, candies, mustards and more!


Thick lead free glass.

Black glaze coated crown lid with plastisol seal inside.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive gasket.(optional)

Custom label stickers, various matching gift packing boxes, bags available.


50m 1 Height-5. 4cm; Dia-4. 5cm; Dia Opening-3. 8cm (Hold about 60g/0.13lb honey)

80m l Height-5. 4cm; Dia-5. Ocm; Dia Opening-4. 2cm (Hold about 115g/0.25lb honey)

100m l Height-7. 5cm; Dia-5. 4cm; Dia Opening-4. 2cm (Hold about 150g/0.33lb honey)

200m l Height-8. 6cm; Dia-6. 4cm; Dia Opening-5. 5cm (Hold about 280g/0.62 honey)

280m l Height-9. 1cm; Dia-7.1cm; Dia Opening-5. 9cm (Hold about 400g/0.88lb honey)

380m l Height-10. 4cm; Dia-7. 5cm; Dia Opening-6. 5cm (Hold about 500g/1.1lb honey)

500m l Height-10. 9cm; Dia-8. 2cm; Dia Opening-6. 5cm (Hold about 750g/1.65lb honey)

730m l Height-12. 3cm; Dia-9. 2cm; Dia Opening-8. Ocm (Hold about 1000g/2.2lb honey)

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Customzing Methord:

Screen Printing.

Laser engraving.

Custom made label sticker.

Custom sealing sticker.


Pressure-sensitive adhesive gasket.(optional)

Shrink Film.(optional)

Suited handbags.

Matching gift boxes.